What is Goody Gorilla?

We help you discover and enjoy new food and snacks each month delivered straight to your door.  Each box we ship will be packed full of goodies that we carefully hand pick from a variety of food sources.


What Do I Get with My Subscription?

You will get our boxes shipped directly to your door each month filled with delicious snack foods. In addition to our delightful goodies, you will also have the opportunity to purchase any of the items you get at our discounted costs! You’ll never have to pay retail for any of the items you like as we pass the savings on to our loyal subscribers.


When Will I Get My First Box?

Expect your first box to be shipped within the first week of each month.  For example, if you signed up on August 15th, your box will be shipped the first week of September. Then, please allow 2-7 business days for the actual shipment on average.


What Types and How Many Items Will Be in the Box?

You can expect approximately 6-10 healthy, gluten free, vegan friendly, and organic type food snacks, but we are certainly not limited to just those items.  We feel that splurging is okay once in awhile, so you may find some sweet treats and most likely items you’ve never tried before. Goody Gorilla is a great way to discover new snacks and foods that you may just love.


Can I See What is In the Box Ahead of Time?

Check out our Facebook page for sneak peaks at what you can expect to receive in our box, but we don’t list every single item. If we did that it doesn’t leave any fun or surprises when you get your box in the mail now does it?


Are Your Items Gluten Free and Vegan Friendly?

Some of our items are gluten free and vegan friendly, but we cannot guarantee that every item will be such. Each item is clearly labeled on the packaging if they are gluten free and vegan friendly.


How Does the Billing Work?

Once you sign up for your first box to Goody Gorilla, you will conveniently automatically be billed each month, 3 months, or 6 months depending on which plan you selected.  After each time you are billed, we will then ship out your box the first week of the following month payment.  For example, if you signed up on August 15th, your box will be shipped the first week of September.

You will be billed the same day of each month you signed up on. So if you signed up on August 15th, you will be billed the 15th of each following month, 3 months, or 6 months depending on which plan you selected. Please then allow 2-7 days from this timeframe for your box to arrive.


Do You Ship Internationally?

Unfortunately we only ship within the United States, but we will be expanding to Canada very soon.


How Can I Cancel My Membership?

Simply send us an email using our Contact Form including your email address you signed up with and we will go ahead and cancel your membership and discontinue any future boxes.


What is Your Refund Policy?

Unfortunately due to the nature of these items, we do not offer any refunds or accept any returns as stated in our terms and conditions.


I Love the Items In Your Boxes, How Can I Get More?

Members will have special access to our products at discounted prices very soon. Please watch your email for instructions on how to access our product store.


How Can I Get My Business Featured in Your Boxes?

Simply send us an email using the contact form with all the details of your items and we’ll be happy to discuss with you.

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